28 07 12: Swede Dreams - A festival of DIY remakes of Hollywood classics - Day 1

Wow, this might be our favourite mini-festival we've ever hosted...!  (don't believe us? - the Guardian like it too!  - http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2012/jul/05/sweded-movies-end-of-hollywood)


This weekend SWEDE DREAMS celebrates the fan-movie / DIY-remake / tribute-film with 2 days of amazing programming from Ben Walters in conjunction with Midnight Movies.


The weekend includes five features: the legendary Be Kind Rewind which gave the festival its name, Garth Jennings’s brilliant Son of Rambow, the ulimate fan-movie Emmy-winning Star Wars Uncut, amazing Night of the Living Dead Reanimated and Flooding with Love for the Kid, a remarkable one-man version of First Blood.


Add in a special edition of regular cult-cinema night Midnight Movies, paying tribute to stop-motion maestro and sweding aficionado Lee Hardcastle plus a smattering of notable sweded shorts, mash-ups, supercuts and faux trailers and your weekend is sorted.   All we can say is... Olympics?  What Olympics?!



£7 one day / £12 both days for Swede Dreams;

£6.50 adv / £10 door for Midnight Movies;

and a strictly limited availability of £15 tickets for both!!

Available in advance here (Roxy member discounts apply)




SWEDE DREAMS programme


Saturday 28th July

Starts 4pm


Be Kind Rewind (Michel Gondry '08)

Sweding starts here. Michel Gondry’s love letter to homemade creativity puts Jack Black and Mos Def in charge of a Brooklyn video store where, for improbable reasons, they pass off their own versions of Hollywood output as Swedish imports. Hilarious, moving, inspirational and preposterous.


Star Wars Uncut (Casey Pugh '09)

This Emmy-winner is the ultimate fan tribute and arguably the first bona fide masterpiece of the YouTube era. George Lucas’s Star Wars is remade in its entirety in 15-second chunks, in styles ranging from kids in bike helmets to psychedelic animation to drag travesty. Feel the force. Feel the love.


(Finishes around 9pm)


from 9pm 

Midnight Movies presents Lee Hardcastle

details here


See Sunday's Swede Dreams schedule here

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